Friday, June 13, 2008

Still trying to figure out how to "blog"

All right -- I know there hasn't been many updates here, and at some point, that's going to change. But I still have NO IDEA how to "blog". I need to figure out how to post pictures, but we are still waiting for our new computer so we haven't uploaded any photos from the camera in ages. It is supposedly enroute -- we've been given a FedEx tracking number -- it was supposed to arrive at the store yesterday, but according to FedEx tracking, it's still enroute from Sacramento, CA. So, we are just waiting for it to finally arrive. Hopefully it will be here by tomorrow so that Kevin can get it hooked up and by next week I'll have a turn to play.

But we spent this morning at a playground we hadn't been to before. Daniel had a blast -- Rachel and Simon -- well, they seem to prefer other playgrounds (and, honestly, so do I). But we went with a group and, like I said, Daniel had a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Minor Disappointment

Well, Kevin just called me -- we aren't getting our new computer today after all -- the shipment hasn't arrived at the AbsoluteMac store yet. Boo Hoo!!!!! It's getting frustrating working on this machine because it's crashing all the time -- but what can you do?

Creating this Blog

This blog is to describe what is happening with the Germantown Kroms (Ilene, Kevin, Daniel, Rachel and Simon). For us, today marks the start of the summer season as Daniel has had his first day of camp this morning. He seemed to have a lot of fun -- when he arrived at the car he was talking a mile a minute about playing in the pool.

Additionally, we are expecting our new computer today. We bought an iMac over the weekend (this has it's own blog that Kevin is keeping -- feel free to view ( to learn about our process of making the conversion -- he intends to discuss the good and the bad, including pricing and delivery.

I hope you enjoy reading this.